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XOX Server and Cloud - At the heart of the XOX Emotional Technology Platform are the XOX servers that allow show designers and producers access to the audience's intimate data. This is processed locally and available through an industry standard API. An extension of the system sees the data being ported to a remote server and the XOX Cloud environment where it can be further processed and services added.

The XOX Sensory Wristband - The basic system includes a specially designed ergonomic wristbands that are worn on the upper wrist. Intimate data is read via a number of wearable biometric sensors. This raw data is processed in real-time on the wristband before being transmitted to the XOX server via one of a number of XOX base transceiver units.

Our current version of XOX wristbands have an integrated RGB LED that can be controlled either individually or en-mass via API calls to the XOX server. There is also the option for local animations related to the sensor readings, for example the user can see his or her own biometrics during a show.

XOX Base – The XOX infrastructure includes at least one XOX Base station that acts as a transceiver for transmitting and receiving information to and from the wristbands and relays this to the XOX Server. It is possible with multiple base stations to calculate a rough location (~2m resolution) of the wristbands in a 3D space.

Case Study:
The Saatchi & Saatchi
New Directors Showcase 2014

We worked with the leading global agency Saatchi & Saatchi to launch our XOX emotional technology platform.

Audience interaction plays a big part in this year’s New Directors Showcase 2014 (NDS), and in a world first 2,300 people in the audience will wear an XOX sensory wristband using a brand new emotional technology platform ‘XOX’ created by Studio XO’s sister company XOVIA Ltd. XOVIA is host to Studio XO’s research and development and intellectual property. 

This year the NDS beautifully marries emotion with the Saatchi & Saatchi ethos of Lovemarks. XOX captures human emotion via their novel wearable technology, and the wearer’s emotion is projected back at them through data visualization created by visual artists Marshmallow Laser Feast in collaboration with berlin based Elektropastete.

The XOX sensory wristbands captured the emotions of the Cannes Lions audience as they view the Showreel, and project them back to them in real time as moving human pixels on a gauze surrounding the stage.

The XOX wristband is a silicon band containing electronics that draw biometric data out of the body by listening to its ebb and flow. The wristbands measure levels of excitement in the host, magenta being the highest state of arousal, and an LED light embedded in the wristband moves through a spectrum of colours indicating that the wearer is having an ‘episode’ and experiencing a wide range of emotions. Information is processed and broadcast wirelessly.

Benjamin Males, co-inventor of the XOX technology commented: “We’re giving the body a vocabulary by drawing emotion from the body. Everything we do at XO is about emotion. We’re able to tap into our souls and get a direct feed of our emotional response”.

Tom Eslinger, Worldwide Mobile and Social Director at Saatchi & Saatchi, commented on the NDS ’14 project “Aside from a fantastic collection of directing talent, the XOX wearable technology lets the audience co-create the event for the first time simply by watching. The theme, and what will be created by the audience and the technology also fits beautifully with our business and filling the world with Lovemarks. Mobile, and particularly wearables, is a focus for Saatchi & Saatchi Worldwide – we published my book Mobile Magic this year and have created mobile ideas for clients for over 10 years. The NDS allows us to test and learn at scale, while creating the most fun and visual live user test ever. The panels and people at Cannes will be talking about wearables and mobile and social and UGC and co-creation: we will be combining that all together in a very cool live event.”

The event will challenge the senses and heighten wearer’s experience of the reel whilst starting a dialog around wearable technology and its intimate use of data in the next decade. Nancy Tilbury co-inventor of the XOX technology added: “The wristband is a ‘physical like button’. Through projects such as ‘Feel the Reel’ it enables us to fulfill our manifesto of making science fiction science fact”.

Case Study:
Infiniti Q70L Collaboration

A vehicle with world’s firsts in technology collaborated with the innovative fashion technology company Studio XO and created a project that blurs the lines between art, science, human emotion and an automobile.

XOX - The Emotional Technology Platform

The Sensory Wrist Band evaluated the electrical characteristics of a wearer's skin in real time and processes this to identify changes. The electrical properties of the skin is partially controlled by the sympathetic nervous system and is used by XOX to measure emotion and sentiment.

Novel processing and ergonomic wearable technology sets the XOX platform apart offering the wearer a 360-degree seamless experience in emotive technology that is turn key and fully integrable.

The XOX platform can be used for stadium and tour, cinema and film, gaming, dating, hospitality, upper class travel, fashion shows, market research as well as boosting shopping and retail experiences. It also has a wider reach in oil safety, health and well being as well as child location and crowd control.

The XOX platform adds a new sensitive layer to the current intelligent mobile and wearable devices in the market. XOX enables users to tailor make our content based on emotion, a game changing technology for the next decade.


Honest Data

The data from the XOX Emotional Technology Platform is real and real-time, meaning that an audience experience can be tailored for in ways that have never been seen before.

Turn Key

The XOX system uses industry standard protocols and therefore is easy to interface with other technology.The system can be retrofitted into existing installations easily and cost effectively.


The system is completely scalable with more XO base stations and servers added in line with the number of wristbands and size of venue. Further versions of the XOX Emotional Technology Platform are currently being developed.


The wristbands can be reset up to 5 times without needing to be replaced.


The skin of the wristband can be easily changed to fit our client’s needs and requirements. The unique design allows for the internal technology to be integrated into any number of wearable designs.

Further Engagement

The data can be visualized and accessible to audiences after the event which increases footfall on social media channels and the web.

Big Data

Intimate data bundles can be packaged up for our clients to enable them to better understand human emotion and an audience's engagement with experiences, products and services.

4th Wall

XOX breaks down the '4th wall' and allows artists and brands to get intimately connected to their fans.

Road Map

We are developing the XOX Emotional Technology Platform to add more features and products. Sign up below for news and updates on next version products and services.


Since 2011 XOVIA has been developing a unique emotional technology platform called XOX. The sensory wristband is their first product and is a wearable sensing architecture that measures crowd excitement, altering and enhancing the experience and pleasure of the moment. Their emotional technology is set to transform the mobile world by adding a sensitive layer to intelligent devices and enabling wearers to tailor content based on their emotional state. With interest from the worlds of entertainment, sport, fashion, communication and advertising through to health, the oil industry safety, new TV formats and ultimately the smart gear market, the XOX platform is set to disrupt.

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About XO

We are a London based fashion and technology brand notably known for working with Lady Gaga as part of Haus of Gaga. The team is made up of hybrid designers and engineers that work together in our fashion laboratory. We emotionally connect bodies across the digital and physical landscape. A collision of their crafts came in 2011 when Males and Tilbury united their consultancies to produce synchronised digital display costumes for super group ‘The Black Eyed Peas’. Standing side of stage they looked out at 80,000 people in the Stade de France and created a world where the power of emotion was captured and could break down the ‘fourth wall’ intimately connecting crowds.


Customers include: Lady Gaga, Saatchi & Saatchi, Arcade Fire, Philips, The Black Eyed Peas, Stoliknaya Vodka for leading international film director Jonas Akerlund, Azealia Banks, Wayne McGregor | Random Dance.

XO are represented by Global Creative Production Agency PRETTYBIRD

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Imagery from the Saatchi & Saatchi New Directors Showcase 2014 'Feel The Reel' courtesy of Marshmallow Laser Feast.

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